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When the EU referendum took place, nobody voted to put jobs at risk, prolong austerity, or tear up our rights at work or as consumers. But this is precisely what the Tories are now doing.

The Labour Party has to stop them.

If we are to leave the EU, remaining in both the Single Market and Customs Union is the only way to tackle austerity, protect jobs, and defend our hard-won rights for workers and consumers.

Scottish Labour can lead the way and help persuade our party to ensure the UK permanently remains in the Single Market.

If we want to be able to fund our anti-austerity manifestos, we can’t afford a multi-billion pound hit to the public finances from leaving the Single Market. That would leave the governments in Holyrood and Westminster with less money for schools and hospitals in Scotland and across the UK.

As the party of the workers, we owe it to Labour members to be on the right side of this debate. But more importantly, we have a duty to the workers of our country who we represent.

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READ: @IanMurrayMP in today's Daily Record about Vote Leave - liars and cheats. https://t.co/MswFveL3YG

The Leave campaign contained some despicable tactics but whipping up frenzies using unfounded and racist claims about Turkey’s accession to the EU was one of the worst. https://t.co/ZWRzQnBno3

Some people are starting to call May's #Chequers proposal, "Soft Brexit".

It is nothing of the kind.

May wants to leave the single market for services, which account for 80% of our economy.

#Brexit in any form will hit hardest those with least. We must oppose it outright.

Kezia Dugdale: Labour must step up to the plate and end Brexit madness after Tory resignations https://t.co/pHlh8I1UQ8

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