Brexit policy puts workers’ rights at risk

Labour’s current Brexit policy will put workers’ rights at risk, Scottish Labour for the Single Market has warned.
As countries across Europe mark Labour Day, or May Day, the organisation has urged Labour’s leadership at Westminster and Holyrood to urgently support membership of the European Single Market to defend rights.
Siding with the Tories to leave the Single Market will allow the UK Government to rip apart rights and protections that come from the EU, including trade union rights, parental leave, and annual leave.
The campaign group has also urged Labour to support freedom of movement, recognising the vital contribution that migrant workers make to the UK economy.

Scottish Labour for the Single Market co-chair and MEP for Scotland, Catherine Stihler, said:

“As countries across Europe mark Labour Day, it is deeply concerning that the Labour Party in the UK currently has a policy that risks eroding workers’ rights.
“It should be unthinkable for our party – the party of the workers – to support a policy that puts rights at risk. Yet by refusing to support Single Market membership, that is precisely what we are doing.
“The leadership in Westminster and Holyrood needs to urgently recognise the vital importance of the protections that British people have come to take for granted, particularly trade union rights.
“We do not have to leave these behind because of Brexit. That is the Tory choice; it should not be ours.
“On International Workers’ Day, we should also celebrate the contribution that European migrants have made to our economy, and the Labour Party must support Single Market membership to ensure the continued free movement of people.”

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