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WATCH: Catherine Stihler urges MPs to back the Single Market

WATCH: Speaking in the European Parliament, Labour MEP Catherine Stihler urges MPs to save jobs by backing UK membership of the Single Market. Catherine Stihler addresses MEPs and backs the Single Market WATCH AND SHARE: Speaking in the European Parliament, Catherine Stihler MEP urges MPs in the Commons to save thousands of jobs by voting […]

If we are willing to sacrifice so many workers, we don’t deserve to call ourselves the Labour Party

*This article was first published in Scotland on Sunday on 13/05/18* By Catherine Stihler Labour MEP for Scotland IN the coming weeks, MPs will be asked to vote on what has been dubbed the ‘Norway option’ for a post-Brexit Britain. Norway is not a member of the European Union, and never has been, but it […]

Europe Day: the EU is a force for good

By Catherine Stihler  Labour MEP for Scotland Co-chair of Scottish Labour for the Single Market   *This article first appeared in the Courier on 09/05/18*   TODAY marks Europe Day when we celebrate what we have in common with our neighbours across the continent. If Theresa May has her way, this will be the last […]

Brexit policy puts workers’ rights at risk

Labour’s current Brexit policy will put workers’ rights at risk, Scottish Labour for the Single Market has warned. As countries across Europe mark Labour Day, or May Day, the organisation has urged Labour’s leadership at Westminster and Holyrood to urgently support membership of the European Single Market to defend rights. Siding with the Tories to […]

Report warns of Brexit damage to key economic sectors

A new report for the independent Scottish Parliament Information Centre has warned that Brexit poses ‘significant worries’ for all six of Scotland’s key economic sectors. Read more by clicking here to visit the Scotland on Sunday website, or click here to read the original report. Heatmap – Brexit and the Scottish economy: issues across the Growth Sectors […]

EU27: Integrity of the Single Market is ‘priority’

A new report has concluded that EU countries ‘are clear that the integrity of the Single Market is their priority’ following Brexit. The Institute for Government study, ‘Negotiating Brexit: the views of the EU27’, states: “If the UK wants a privileged relationship with that market, it will have to abide by many of its rules.” […]

Britain’s fishing industry could be worse off outside the EU

By Catherine Stihler MEP This article first appeared in The i newspaper on 21/03/18 So we’re going to ‘take back control’ of our fishing waters, the Brexiteers have declared. It won’t happen until after the Brexit transition period however, which has so upset Nigel Farage and his friends that they dumped some dead fish into […]

Labour voters believe Brexit will leave us worse off

A new opinion poll has revealed that 71 per cent of Labour voters believe both the UK and Scottish economies will be worse off if we leave the EU.       Scottish Labour for the Single Market co-chair Catherine Stihler MEP said: “This poll confirms that a majority of Scots realise how devastating Brexit […]

There is no left-wing case for leaving the Single Market

By Catherine Stihler MEP *This article was first published on LabourList on 09/03/18*   IN the European Parliament, I sit on a committee which works to reduce barriers to trade and safeguards consumer interests across the continent. Every time the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee meets I am reminded of the importance of the […]