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Response to Sturgeon’s Brexit speech

NEWS FROM SCOTTISH LABOUR FOR THE SINGLE MARKET Commenting on Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit speech and the Scottish Government’s new paper, ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe: Our Way Forward’, Scottish Labour for the Single Market co-chair Ian Murray MP said: “There is no such thing as a good Brexit, and the First Minister is right to state […]

Vote Leave: Liars, scoundrels and cheats

*This article first appeared in the Daily Record on 18/07/18*   By Ian Murray Labour MP for Edinburgh South   WE knew they lied on a monumental scale. Now we know they cheated as well. The importance of the Electoral Commission probe cannot be underestimated: Vote Leave broke the law. In a referendum where there […]

Comment on David Davis resignation

David Davis (left) has resigned as Brexit Secretary. Commenting on the resignation and the chaos engulfing the UK government, Scottish Labour for the Single Market co-chair Ian Murray MP said: “The architect of this Brexit shambles has decided to resign because he and his cohort of hard Brexiteers can’t deliver the cliff-edge Brexit that will […]

Murray urges Labour MPs to vote to save jobs

*This article first appeared in The Scotsman on 12/06/18*   By Ian Murray Labour MP for Edinburgh South   IT’S going to be a whirlwind week in the Commons as we walk through the voting lobbies to shape our post-Brexit future.   I’ll be taking no enjoyment in the process as we move one step […]

Leaving the Single Market could cost Scotland £2.2billion

Leaving the European Economic Area could wipe £2.2billion-a-year from Scotland’s economy by 2030, according to major new research. The study shows that Labour’s proposal to stay in a Customs Union but not the EEA – which would enable membership of the Single Market – would cost the entire UK £29billion-a-year with the loss of more […]

Labour campaigns unite to fight for Single Market membership

LABOUR politicians from England, Scotland and Wales have come together in a new drive to prevent a hard Tory Brexit. Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray and Welsh Labour MP Stephen Doughty have joined Alison McGovern MP as directors of the Labour Campaign for the Single Market. With the Labour Party recently adopting a policy in […]

Murray – There is no such thing as a good Brexit

*This article first appeared on Huffington Post on 17/05/18* By Ian Murray, Labour MP for Edinburgh South   In Edinburgh South, over 78% of voters backed Remain in the EU referendum. In Redcar, only 32.5% of voters said they wanted to stay in the EU: two different parts of the country with very different economies. […]

Murray and Whitfield vow to vote against hard Brexit

Scottish Labour MPs Ian Murray and Martin Whitfield have vowed to back the Single Market in a historic Commons vote secured by Labour Lords last night. Following the government’s shock defeat by 245 votes to 218 in the upper house, Theresa May will now be forced to give MPs a vote on the European Economic […]

Two-thirds of Scots want to remain in the Single Market

Most Scots believe the economy would be better off in the EU and more than two-thirds of voters want us to stay in the Single Market, according to a major new survey.   Around 17,000 readers of news websites in Scotland gave their view in partnership with Google Surveys. Read more by clicking here   […]

The will of the people must be heard on final Brexit deal

By Ian Murray MP *This article first appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News on 05/04/18*   By this time next year, if Theresa May has her way, the UK will have left the EU. Britain’s economy, already the slowest growing in the G20, will be struggling with plummeting business confidence, political chaos, and the loss […]