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Vote Leave: Liars, scoundrels and cheats

*This article first appeared in the Daily Record on 18/07/18*   By Ian Murray Labour MP for Edinburgh South   WE knew they lied on a monumental scale. Now we know they cheated as well. The importance of the Electoral Commission probe cannot be underestimated: Vote Leave broke the law. In a referendum where there […]

Dugdale – we cannot sit this fight out

*This article first appeared in the Daily Record on 12/06/18* By Kezia Dugdale NEARLY two years after the EU referendum, by the end of this week we will finally have a better idea about what Brexit is going to look like. Is it going to look like the kind of Brexit that Boris Johnson, Nigel […]

Murray urges Labour MPs to vote to save jobs

*This article first appeared in The Scotsman on 12/06/18*   By Ian Murray Labour MP for Edinburgh South   IT’S going to be a whirlwind week in the Commons as we walk through the voting lobbies to shape our post-Brexit future.   I’ll be taking no enjoyment in the process as we move one step […]

Whitfield – let’s prove we’re the party of workers

*This article first appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News on 24/05/18* By Martin Whitfield Labour MP for East Lothian NEARLY two-third of voters in East Lothian backed Remain in the EU referendum because they recognised how important it is for our local economy. Since becoming an MP, I have consistently opposed a hard Brexit and […]

Murray – There is no such thing as a good Brexit

*This article first appeared on Huffington Post on 17/05/18* By Ian Murray, Labour MP for Edinburgh South   In Edinburgh South, over 78% of voters backed Remain in the EU referendum. In Redcar, only 32.5% of voters said they wanted to stay in the EU: two different parts of the country with very different economies. […]

If we are willing to sacrifice so many workers, we don’t deserve to call ourselves the Labour Party

*This article was first published in Scotland on Sunday on 13/05/18* By Catherine Stihler Labour MEP for Scotland IN the coming weeks, MPs will be asked to vote on what has been dubbed the ‘Norway option’ for a post-Brexit Britain. Norway is not a member of the European Union, and never has been, but it […]

Europe Day: the EU is a force for good

By Catherine Stihler  Labour MEP for Scotland Co-chair of Scottish Labour for the Single Market   *This article first appeared in the Courier on 09/05/18*   TODAY marks Europe Day when we celebrate what we have in common with our neighbours across the continent. If Theresa May has her way, this will be the last […]

Mo Mowlam – a political hero

By Kezia Dugdale MSP   *This article first appeared in the Daily Record on 10/04/18*   Many moons ago, I trained to be a Labour Party Organiser. This was a serious business because organisers were, and to this day are, the worker bees behind politicians – the ones who get things done. The training was […]

Alastair Campbell – Securing peace in Northern Ireland was one of our greatest achievements

By Alastair Campbell Former Downing Street Press Secretary, and part of the Blair team that negotiated the Good Friday Agreement in 1998   *An abridged version of this appeared in The Daily Record and The Scotsman on 10/04/18*     TWENTY years ago today, something miraculous came together and the Good Friday Agreement was born. […]

The will of the people must be heard on final Brexit deal

By Ian Murray MP *This article first appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News on 05/04/18*   By this time next year, if Theresa May has her way, the UK will have left the EU. Britain’s economy, already the slowest growing in the G20, will be struggling with plummeting business confidence, political chaos, and the loss […]