Murray and Whitfield vow to vote against hard Brexit

Scottish Labour MPs Ian Murray and Martin Whitfield have vowed to back the Single Market in a historic Commons vote secured by Labour Lords last night.
Following the government’s shock defeat by 245 votes to 218 in the upper house, Theresa May will now be forced to give MPs a vote on the European Economic Area.
With Tory rebels confident they have the numbers to help defeat a hard Brexit, the only stumbling block to Single Market membership is now the Labour frontbench.
Ian Murray, MP for Edinburgh South, and Martin Whitfield, MP for East Lothian, have urged the leadership to do what’s right for Scotland and the UK, and protect jobs and defend workers’ rights.










In a joint statement, Ian Murray and Martin Whitfield said:

“This stunning defeat for the government in the Lords shows that the fight against a hard Brexit is far from over.
“Labour peers have forced the Prime Minister to give MPs a vote on remaining in the European Economic Area, and when that time comes we will vote in favour of doing so.
“We know we will be joined by many of our party colleagues from England and Wales, other opposition parties and a number of Tory MPs. If the Labour leadership wants to, we can now stop a hard Brexit in its tracks.
“There is no such thing as a good Brexit, but if we are to leave the EU then the least-worst option – to protect jobs and defend rights – is permanent UK membership of the Single Market.
“We urge our colleagues in Scottish Labour and the Labour leadership at Westminster to stand up for workers and defeat Theresa May’s destructive Brexit.”

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