Scottish Labour for the Single Market launched

A new campaign group, Scottish Labour for the Single Market, has been launched to protect jobs, oppose austerity and defend workers’ rights. The organisation will fight for the party to support permanent UK membership of the European Single Market and Customs Union. Scottish Labour for the Single Market will be a grassroots campaign co-chaired by […]

We need to remain in the Single Market AND Customs Union

By Kezia Dugdale MSP   LAST week, I was forced to hand my phone in and sit behind a closed door so that I could read the UK Government’s Brexit impact papers – under the watchful eye of two civil servants. I’m not allowed to reveal what I learned. But I can tell you that […]

Fighting for our country’s prosperity

By Ian Murray Labour MP for Edinburgh South   At one of the most pivotal moments in our history, the UK is being led by a Tory government that provides no leadership or vision for the future. Theresa May is being held to ransom by Jacob Rees-Mogg and the extreme Thatcherite right of her party, […]

Statement from the Labour Campaign for the Single Market

The government is almost half way through the negotiation of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. At this moment in our history, when the country needs leadership and a vision of the future, the Tory government provides neither. As Jeremy Corbyn said this week, with a prime minister held to ransom by the hard […]

The Tories are making the UK less economically attractive

By Ian Murray MP This government has set itself the drastic target of reducing net migration to the “tens of thousands.” Whilst this might not seem particularly realistic to most people, there is one sure-fire way to drastically cut the number of people who want to come and work in our country: make your country […]

Busting the Lexit myths

Too often, the Brexit debate on the left has been characterised by misunderstandings and, occasionally, mistruths. To cite a common example, it is often claimed that the UK can only remain part of the Single Market if it stays a member of the EU. This is incorrect, as Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland’s participation in the […]

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