The Good Friday Agreement – 20 years on

On the 20th anniversary of the historic Good Friday Agreement, Scottish Labour for the Single Market co-chairs Ian Murray MP, Catherine Stihler MEP and Kezia Dugdale MSP said:

“The Good Friday Agreement brought about by Tony Blair’s government was one of our greatest achievements in office.
“But there is now a very real risk of a hard border between the UK and the Republic of Ireland if we continue on the path towards a Tory Brexit. That poses an unthinkable threat to the Good Friday Agreement, with severe implications for people and businesses in Scotland.
“We shouldn’t play games with the peace process or with our economy. It is impossible to be committed to avoiding a hard border, while simultaneously advocating leaving both the Customs Union and the Single Market. That is obvious to everyone but the Brexiteers.
“The Tories might be prepared to put the Good Friday Agreement in peril, but the Labour Party should never contemplate it – which is why we must support permanent UK membership of the European Single Market.”

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